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LED Aquarium Lights


Main use of LED Aquarium Light

LED aquarium light,the super white light can make the water clear,and the grass is vivid.Meanwhile,the light can promote the photosynthesis of the aquatic plants.The effect of green plants is better 50-60cm under the water.If the light close to the sunshine,it is good for all kinds aquatic plants and fish to grow up,and make the fish bright-colored.Provide the best lighting solution of the aquarium landscap and ornamental fish.

The red light,apply to the red scleropages formosus, Symphysodon discus,Amphilophus citrinellus.

The blue light,make the water more bule,and apply to coral,shrimp and duckbill fish.The bule light can help to coral to absorb the calcium,synthetic vitamin D3.

The mixed CCT light,different light is good for different aquatic plants,apply to the red and green mixed plants.



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