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Miclion LED held a big award ceremony for those outstanding and loyal employees

Public date:2020/11/23 10:10:28

On November 16, 2020, Miclion LED held a big award ceremony for those outstanding and loyal employees.

The company can achieve today’s achievements, in addition to the chairman’s wise strategic guidance, it is also inseparable from the unyielding and silent adherence of a large number of outstanding employees. They use their actions and strength to inspire everyone to work hard, and hard work will be rewarded. They have also set an example and role model for the company, which has enabled the company to reach new heights one after another.

2020 is a year of harvest. Although there are still two months before the Chinese New Year, the company decided to share the joy of harvest with everyone in advance. 11 new cars wearing big red flowers are neatly arranged. This is the fourth time that the company has rewarded cars. Chairman Cui personally attended the meeting and gave a speech and awards.

Eleven outstanding employees became the focus of the audience. They received the car keys and honor certificates from the chairman. They are the most respectable people in the company. Congratulations.

This is a glorious conference, and there will be the fifth and sixth time... Let us work hard for the company's rapid and sustainable development!


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